According to their Twitter bio Pins are self anointed she-wolves. Many of you have followed how those pups in Game of Thrones grew into ferocious direwolves. Be warned.

Judging by their music, I don’t think Pins would like to be known as puppies, but they’re well on the way to becoming a pack of monster wolves. Back in April 2012 they became a Guardian New Band of the Day, and since then the Mancunians’ claim to the noir rock throne has only grown stronger.

In October they released their LUVU4LYFE EP. The title track leads with signature tribal toms from Lara Williams accompanying Faith Holgate’s punky vocals. Lyrically there is a touch of naivety but considering the promise, I’m certain of their capacity to improve there. Still I think LUVU4LYFE has a captivatingly dark power:

Another highlight is Say To Me:

With all these awesome previews, they certainly owe us an album this year. Let’s hope Pins always pay their debts. [Credit goes to guitarist Lois Macdonald for coming up with that one!]

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