Streak and the Raven – The Riverside

Streak and the Raven – The Riverside

It’s high time for some minimalist electro pop from Finland.

I always admire how considered, collected and understated the Finnish are and Streak and the Raven are no exception. Vocalist Janiv Oskárilla‘s style borders on nonchalant and comes off as even more laid-back than Fujiya & Miyagi – this is no bad thing.

The Riverside, the latest release from their forthcoming debut album Love & War, is a perfect example of how a minimal song should be –  it builds, but the rhythm remains constant and riffs churn away.

Also here is the video for the first single from the album, Speed of Light. It’s got lasers, but even those are laid-back:

Love & War, is out on 22 February and will be released by Lionheart Records.

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