Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah

Be honest – had you ever heard A Little Less Conversation before Junkie XL’s remix gave Elvis Presley’s estate a mammoth boost? Well I hadn’t. But it was a genius mashup. A neglected B-side from the 60s transformed into a monster hit with break beats. The world fell for Elvis once again – and Nike shifted bucketfuls of trainers.

And now we’re about to get a whole lot more conversation about dapper Kiwi Willy Moon.

Whilst bored in Berlin he decided to take the mid-21st century mashup to another level. He turned his own bluesy songs into mixes of old school rock’n’roll melodies with electro and hip-hop beats, bleeps and production. Now he’s got the help of Island Records and Third Man Records, producers have electropopped his sound up even more and his debut album Here’s Willy Mason, , out in April, is destined to get your booty shakin’.

My favourite release so far, Yeah Yeah:

And here is Railroad Track – and if you’re wondering, that is the same sample used on Kanye West’s Jesus Walks.

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    “Here’s Willy Moon”