Brother – Call

Brother – Call

Currently shrouded in a veil of mystery, Brother is spinning some seriously beautiful experimental pop. As far as I can tell they/he/she/it are unsigned, but my more prudent self is telling me music this well produced accompanied by nicely produced artwork and slick album trailers, must have some kind of label backing.

Using my Sherlock Holmes superpowers (stalking people that like them on Facebook), I deduce Brother are from the US. I’ll try find out more, but I’m quite happy to just enjoy the music.

Lying somewhere between Radiohead‘s electronic heyday and a more subdued Dan Black, Brother’s world is a dreamy landscape, with songs that twist and turn then meander through unexpected filters and effects. A high male falsetto streams over the arrangements and bring the album, Call, to life.

All activity seemed to begin at the beginning of the year. Album trailers featuring a cube were released on YouTube, the Facebook page was created and they released an their album Call on Bandcamp on 20 January.

As most of the tracks are lush, I’ve struggled to pick out highlights from Call, but here are a few that I think stand out. Probably with the most owing to Thom Yorke, Saltine and is arranged with plenty of pizzicato strings:

Then we’ve got Coma, some big drums and nice harmonies, it really could be Dan Black you know…

Boon has a persistent but driving electronic pulse and an uplifting chorus:

Here’s the full album so you can decide which tracks you think are best:

If you find out more about Brother let me know, I’d love to find out more.

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