Carrollhood – Violence

Carrollhood – Violence

It’s Shrove Tuesday and apparently you’ve got to sacrifice something from tomorrow for forty days. I recently promised myself I’d try and share music without any synths, but in truth I’m not going to manage that. Further I’m not Christian, and also the Pope is quitting. So actually I can quit and the Lord shouldn’t mind.

Following on from my discovery of Brother last week, Bandcamp has again thrown the temptation of independent ambient electronic pop my way.

Carollhood are from Tampa Bay, Florida and they’ve just released Violence, their new EP. They’ve arranged their songs with experimental synths and instrumentation and Kraftwerk style beats. I’d say they’re a bit too rocky to be called Chillwave, but you’d be forgiven for labelling them that, especially if you hear some of their earlier work on Soundcloud.

You can certainly hear 80s filters from the chillwave diet, but layers of trip beats and effects, as well as dynamic paint plenty of colour.

You can download all of Violence free ond Bandcamp, and if you like it you can give them a donation.

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