Sheffield: what a musical powerhouse. And now here’s Firesuite, a 5 piece noise rock outfit and another exemplary export from Steel City.

In November 2012 they released their Red World EP, a follow up to their 2011 album You’re An Ocean Deep, My Brother. The progression is strong between the two releases, Red World is more established with a cleaner but heavier atmosphere. The improved recording quality captures them so much better and the mix means you can hear what front-man Chris Anderson and Sarah Griffiths are singing this time.

With this latest release, Firesuite have an accessible yet unique mix of heavier rock that retains a delicate ambience often missing from riff laden bands. Try listening to their tracks more than once before building your judgement, there’s lots going on and always more to discover.

These are my favourite tracks from the release. Rabbit is the single from the EP, and it deserves to be. Some really impressive playing, listen out for some of Richard Stoner’s beats:

The title track, Red World, is another highlight, love the chorus and the distorted riffs to bang your head to:

Firesuite are going on a UK tour in February, and here are the details:


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