Mausi – Move

Mausi – Move

Seventeen years ago my friend from school took me to his home town, Newcastle. I vividly remember speculating it might look better if the sun shone, but sadly it never came out. Now the Geordie heartland is a beacon of a resurgent North, and even when the sun don’t shine, it’s a pleasant place to visit.

On the other hand Italy is always sunny and this band are a full blast of Italo-pop cheer mixed in a bottle of trendy Newcastle Brown Ale (yes it is outside of the UK apparently!). Siblings Thomas and Daisy Finetto, originally from Milan, have teamed up with Brits Ben Brown and Benjamin Huntrods to bring us Mausi.

Mausi’s music will make the sun shine just about anywhere. They’ve have managed to combine innocent Europop with a left of centre UK style that makes you feel far too positive for your own good.

Here’s their latest track, Move, which is, well moving, quite literrally:

The first single Sol. is good, but I think Move is much better:

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