Of Wonder

Of Wonder

Of Wonder is the wonderful work of Eli Cohn and Jason Fiske who are based in Portland. They’ve arranged their upbeat folk style songs into full bodied orchestral epics awash with experimental strings, harking brass and intricate percussion. Think the Americana of Shearwater, the instrumentation of Andrew Bird and the writing style of Animal Collective.

Cohn and Fiske it seems were previously part of a band called Golden Holy. Whatever the story there, Of Wonder are leaps and bounds ahead of their previous guise.

They released their eponymous album on 12 February. Here is Find, the first track on the album, it’s a perfect opening to what’s to come:

Follows has one of the most askew intros you’ll hear, but it suddenly hits you with an unexpectedly cheery pop abandon.

Of Wonder Album

Download at Bandcamp

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