Personal Life

Personal Life

Mum had a fantastic taste in music, and I hope it rubbed off on me. Growing up I was lucky enough to have the hi-fi on pretty much every day and never wanting me to be stuck to one genre, we were treated to David Bowie, Roxy Music, Jesseye Norman, Marvin Gaye, Grace Jones and Smokey Robinson amongst many others.

Motown and soul were a favourite in our household and although I can’t say I’m an expert, I think I can pick out a groove. Nowadays I keep up mainly through the rather awesome Blues and Grooves radio show, run by a former boss of mine known as The Jaffo.

Personal Life is a London based collective led by Robert Strauss, who also runs Wax Recording Studios. Sweet, sweet vocals are provided by Stuart Lisbie. They’ve got a roster of great musicians as well, and you can tell the Strauss knows what he’s doing behind a mixing desk.

Plug some headphones in and listen to Morning Light, it’s already been Number 1 in the UK soul charts.

Classic Lady is my favourite from the The Singles EP:

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