Unless you’re an ethnomusicologist with a penchant for the avant-garde I’m quite confident you’ll not have heard anything like Sutari before.

The experimental trio from Warsaw in Poland create some bonkers folk music. They weave and harmonise through Polish and Lithuanian folk songs as well as their own material, against a backdrop of everyday objects. They’ve just been announced as winners of World Music Network’s Battle of the Bands.

According to World Music Network Sutari are:

“…inspired by the character and sound of Lithuanian sutartines songs – an ancient form of two or three voice polyphony sung by woman exclusively. Sutari means consonance, and the band decided to search for the harmony and consonance in their vocal tradition. Rather than change the songs, they say they intended to reach for what they conceal whilst maintaining the style, temperament, melody, rhythm and above all, the content.”

I think they’re fascinating and fantastic, their harmonies are mesmerising and their arrangements original, but still grounded in folk traditions.

Chłopacy is probably my favourite track of theirs so far, and possibly what led them to victory:

Can you name the kitchen tools on this track?

You can hear more of Sutari on SoundCloud

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