Cosmo Sheldrake

Cosmo Sheldrake

The world is abundantly full of mind-blowing instruments, but one you’ll always remember is a Sousaphone. It’s related to the tuba and predominantly designed for marching bands, wrapping around the body of the player. It’s instrumental hug.

What the world is not full of is people like Cosmo Sheldrake – a looper, composer and multi-instrumentalist. And yes, one of those instruments is a sousaphone.

Cosmo pieces together a world of influences from Mongolia to West Africa, blues to classical and folk to Balkan brass into an all consuming musical hug.

He’s recently released two electronic loopy masterpieces, with a blend of beeps, textures and sounds that you may never have heard before. I love DJ Shadow and The Avalanches, but I think I might be falling for Cosmo more.

Rich is his lead single. Just so good:

Here’s the video for Rich, live, from a farm:

Prefusify was released earlier, equally stunning. Oh and made a live video at a laundrette

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