Hotel Cinema

Hotel Cinema

There is a hotel with a cinema in London. I’ve been there. Twice. The Charlotte Street Hotel is lovely – stay there if you ever visit me in London (I won’t pay though).

The LA duo Mark Hadley & Keeley Bumford are also known as Hotel Cinema. I haven’t visited them yet but I’ve heard their blissfully intricate pop. Yes, it’s cinematic too. Bumford provides the vocals over delicate acoustic and electronic arrangements of songs which have a folk flavour.

Better Run is my favourite track from their debut self-titled EP – it’s got a sweet swagger and a nice poppy chorus

Rabbit Hole is quite an epic track, it’s even got a children’s choir made up of Georgia, Estlin, Piper & Aiden. Well done them! 😀

The beautiful All You’ve Ever Known is up next:

Get the EP Hotel Cinema on Bandcamp at a price of your choice.

Hotel Cinema EP

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