DJ Koze – Marylin Whirlwind

DJ Koze – Marylin Whirlwind

Thanks to Pitchfork’s review of AmygdalaDJ Koze‘s first solo album in nine years, I stumbled on the German techno legend’s masterpiece Marylin Whirlwind.

Stefan Kozella has worked the sound of the thumping drone into a mesmeric chant and throws in jangled guitars loops with subtle variations creating a minimalist wet dream.

I can’t stop listening to this.

Amygdala is full of melancholic experimental tracks that nudge more on the side of IDM rather than traditional techno. It’s a captivating album full of musical intricacies.

My Plans featuring Matthew Dear, is another highlight. It reminds of Entrepreneurs, with it’s husky and dark close harmonies.

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