No day in London is ever the same. Yesterday I started off at creative agency LBi and discussed how social media can transform business, then had a productive afternoon in our new lovely HootSuite office in St James’s Park. Following up from LBi I got an invite to the preview of Vivienne Westwood’s new collection and followed up the champagne there with a drink at my local The George Tavern. It was at the George I blown away by a slightly mismatched foursome called Jingo.

Only in London.

So Jingo then? They’re a talented mix of the best East London and Brooklyn has to offer. Katie Buckett is a super star in the making, with Bjork like delivery and buckets full of energy. Guitarist and husband Jack swings his hair around like an 80s rock animal, Sahil Batra hammers booming bass lines (and stares into cameras evidently) and the Hawaiian touting Joseph Reeves drums out inspirational trippy rhythms.

Despite their conventional setup, their music is quite exceptional. Their are hints of Mansun and Garbage with a real melodic rock vibe. Keep an eye out on Jingo. Oh and move to London too.

Here’s the awesome animated video by Jake Strunk of Same Without You:

This is the SoundCloud too:

1Q84 was their debut single:

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