Post-Ape – The World is Over

Post-Ape – The World is Over

Amy from Congo - My kind of ApeCongo happened to be on TV this afternoon – a great flashback to the ever optimistic 90s. There’s the camp diamond hungry Tim Curry and a volcano that destroys the wonderfully named city of Zinj, just after everyone’s been saved by Amy the gorilla (that’s her sitting on the plane pondering over the cocktail).

Apes seem to the be the flavour of the day, as it couldn’t be more fitting that thanks to Crack in the Road, I was introduced to the glitchy London gem that is Post-Ape.

So far Post-Ape has released two tracks and his latest, The World is Over, is a big beated pop behemoth. There are hints in the track to late 90s Britpop, especially with the Damon Albarn style melancholia coupled with the ironically playful bass lines and drums.

Limbs in the Dark was the first track and released around 5 months ago. Again there’s a strong disconnect between the lyrics and the music, but not in a bad way. I especially love the Mansun style bridges mixed in between the blippy choruses.

Here’s the video for Limbs in the Dark. Somehow the poor girl manages to smile…

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