The Field Gets the Attention

The Field Gets the Attention

One way to discover The Field is to listen to Lionel Richie’s Hello. Not because their styles are similar in any way, no, the reason is after listening to A paw in my face you realize exactly what Axel Willner can do with just a couple of seconds of a song and transform it into something completely new.

A couple of months ago, Axel released his forth album, Cupid’s head. At first he felt very awkward about the idea of a new album until he found the loop on No, no…, which is built the same way most his song are, they sort of creep up on you. Even to a fan like me, if he would’ve asked me, I wouldn’t have said “What a great sample!, you’ve got something here”. No, I wouldn’t have seen the potential in that to build an whole album, but he did and I’m the better for it.

A couple of years ago I saw The Field live @ Way out west. It was in the middle of the day and the audience was scattered and seemed more interested in discussing last nights escapades than listening to ambient techno. After 2 minutes of Over the ice you could see a couple of heads nodding as they were talking to their friends, after a little while I noticed small body movements in the crowd, but still they didn’t realize what was happening.

But then, all of a sudden, the live drums kicked in and someone yelled “yeah!”, and the whole audience turned to the stage and a cheer spread across the festival, and from that moment on he had everybody’s attention.

Here’s the track on SoundCloud:

/Rikard, 50% of The unknown – 2  brand new spotify playlists every month.

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