Clap! Clap!

Clap! Clap!

Field recorders have captured, collected and curated the music of the world. They’ve allowed us to understand the anthropological past of music – and importantly laid inspirational seeds for new music.

My dissertation was in fact about the late great Vietnamese composer Pham Duy, my great grand uncle. After spending many years roaming Vietnam and collecting the sounds of the country’s diverse ethnic groups, he developed a whole new genre of music in Vietnam called Tan Nhac melding Vietnamese tonal rules with western style folk music.

That’s why when I heard about Clap! Clap! my ears pricked up like meerkats. Cristiano Crisci is an Italian jazz saxophonist and under the moniker Digi G’Alessio has been producing massive beats for some time. Now he’s launched in a new direction – weaving in field recordings from Africa, mesmerising you into a whirlwind of house and tribe that’s full of fascinating turns.

Elon Mentana is the standout track from his EP Tambacounda and has been picked up by NPR as a dance track of the month. With it’s afro flavours – here it is, abundantly full of pitch and tempo shifting genius:

An earlier release that I love:

And for good measure, Tambacounda on Spotify

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